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JUNE 2019 | read online
My good friend and business collaborator, Anita Kirkbride, has been doing keynotes recently about how to embrace being #flawsome. It's a hard lesson for someone like me with perfectionistic tendencies. But around mid-May, I made a conscious decision to let a few things suffer so that others could flourish.

Here's one of the things that suffered:
Fewer people read my blog. That tells me my own marketing is working when I'm maintaining it. I know exactly what happened: I wrote fewer posts and one of the scheduling apps I use conked out for 2 weeks. (Thank you, Google, for continuing to send readers.)
I decided to live with it because other things, like Social Media Day Halifax 2019, were more important. And yes, I felt a bit guilty because I teach this stuff and setting an example is important.

No one ever said running a small business is easy. Sometimes we have to make tough choices... and move on. And really, while seeing my blog readership increase instead of decrease is always nice, I got waaaay more benefit personally and professionally from the other things I was involved with.

If you aren't local to Halifax or weren't able to attend, have a look at all the fun we had on June 21st >> Social Media Day Halifax 2019 photo gallery.

Here's one of my fave photos from the day thanks to @Kerra_Aucoin. And if you love Twitter, you can relive the day on my moment.
A huge thanks to Social Media Day Halifax founder Anita Kirkbride - Girlfriend, we rock!
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