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MAY 2019 | read online
The most exciting thing going on in my business (and my life) right now is the upcoming Social Media Day Halifax 2019 Conference on June 21st. I've been living it since December - planning it, talking about it, tweeting about it, writing about it, making graphics for it, recruiting presenters and volunteers, and even dreaming about it. So it blows me away when I run into someone who hasn't heard about it yet. How is that even possible?! Yet I keep running into people who don't know and would have been disappointed if they didn't find out.

We expect to sell out, just like last year, and I don't want you to miss out. Don't wait till the last minute and be disappointed. I'd love to see you there... with as many friends as you can bring!

There are many reasons to attend the conference but here is an absolute: the best way to get to know others and build relationships is to learn with them. We've heard many stories of collaborations and successes from last year's attendees.

  1. If you don't already have your ticket yet, get it here.

  2. Please help us get the word out. Click this link to compose a tweet to share with your followers.

Did I mention there's going to be a selfie contest? See you on June 21st!
Prioritizing Made Easier

Every small business owner knows what it feels like to have a "million" things to do and nowhere near enough time. We are constantly prioritizing, sometimes deliberately and sometimes less consciously. During the past month, I've done a heck of a lot of prioritizing. Some of you may remember the old screensavers where raindrops would run down your screen. That feels like my calendar lately, all the tasks slipping later in the day.

Last week I needed to start some strategic planning and knew I needed to get focused fast. On-the-fly prioritizing wouldn't cut it. My marketing hero, Bernadette Jiwa read my mind and came to the rescue. I encourage you to read her article Always, Sometimes, Never for a simple approach to business planning. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me at a time when a quick way to get focused was critical to making progress.
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Join Mary Jane Copps, Anita Kirkbride and me for a panel discussion over lunch. Learn specific, actionable steps for voicemail, email and social media so you can relax throughout your summer vacation. And then have a smooth return to work when that time arrives. Get details and register.
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